Guide to choosing Wine glasses
Most wine glasses have a distinctive shape to capture the unique flavor of different wines. Drinking wine out of the wrong glass is like having your soup with the wrong spoon. Actually, it is worse as the full flavor of the wine is not enjoyed. Find out the glasses used for numerous types of wine below.
In general, the glasses used can be divided into red wine glasses and white wine glasses. White wine glasses are tulip shaped whereas red wine glasses are larger in size as the large bowl of the glass brings out the full aroma of the wine’s bouquet (aroma). The large bowl also allows the glass to be swirled and the bouquet brought out.

General Tips

The stem of the wine glass should be held as it prevents the wine from heating to an undesirable temperature and prevents fingerprint marks from dirtying the wine glass.

Ensure the bowl is not too large; it can make a glass unsteady.
For a good all purpose wine glass, look for a glass with a minimum capacity of 12 oz.
The glass must be transparent to allow the taster to examine the wine’s colour and body.
The glass should also curve in at the top to retain the bouquet or scent.

Bordeaux Wine glasses
The shape of the Bordeaux glass is designed to capture the wines’ medium- to full-bodied bouquet (aroma).

Sauvignon Blanc Wine Glasses
The shape of its glass is similar to that of the Bordeaux as many of the Sauvignon Blancs hail from the Bordeaux region.

Chardonnay Wine Glasses
Chardonnays offer a wide range of flavours, use a glass of medium size.

Burgundy Wine Glasses
The shape of the Burgundy glass is designed to capture the wines’ medium- to full-bodied bouquet (aroma).