The choice of wine racks over the years has increased greatly. In the early 90’s, the only models available were simple wooden cases. However, there is a wide array of wine racks in the market right now e.g. wood wine racks, metal wine racks and consumers are spoiled for choice.

Wine glass racks are now a decorative item in most homes, it allows wine bottles to be placed horizontally to ensure that the cork of the bottle will not dry up. Wine racks should be placed in a cool corner where sunlight cannot reach it. The harmful rays of sunlight will lower the quality of the wine.

You can easily build a wine glass rack if you’re willing to put in the effort. An chic and simple design could be to simply buy PVC pipes from a hardware store and saw the pipes into the length of the wine bottles. Construct an wooden box to hold the pipes in and Viola!, it is finished.

Simple wine racks will take around 4 hours to construct (including the time to get the piping) if you’re handy with tools. As the main objective of the wine racks is to allow the wine bottles to lay sideways, such a design will suffice.

Placement of Wine Racks
Vibration will never allow the wine to settle or mature evenly, so avoid boiler rooms, washrooms, garages or anywhere where machinery is active to ensure the wine ages slowly, allowing it to generate into its full flavour. It is imperative there is no vibration whatsoever or the wine will reach maturity earlier then expected.

Wood Wine Racks Vs Metal Wine Racks?
I personally suggest getting a Metal wine rack . Most metal wine racks are ornamental and cost more compared to wooden wine racks. Wohihioden wine racks are also more durable and last longer.

Wine Racks Vs Wine cabinets?
Although wine racks are a lot cheaper then wine cabinets, wine cabinets are an absolute must for serious wine collectors as it ensures that the wine will age in an optimal environment. However, a wine glass rack will suffice for people who only have a few bottles of wine. All wine cabinets are equipped with a temperature control ensuring the wine will not be affected during hot summer days.